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PGNC is looking for Officers…

We have to have named officers, as (for instance) there’s a need to have signing officers for the bank account. We also need to name officers for the sake of continuity.There’s plenty of other roles that could beneficially be created, but it will depend who volunteers.

Electronic communications
We need to make some decisions about how to communicate electronically with members, and a discussion of the options would be useful. Current options seem to be

  1. Blind email copies, sent by me from a master email list, as at present
  2. A listserver
  3. Communications via Facebook.
  4. Forums http://pgnc.freeforums.org and http://pgnc.forums.com/ are options. Please leave a comment in the forum of your choice
  5. Opening ncenbird to people who are not primarily interested in birds.
  6. A website (which this blog has been setup to double as)

Option 1 or 2 is needed for weekly-or-so “official”announcements that go to everyone. A listserver would seem better than blind copies, as it could be maintained by one person but used by all club officers.

We also need another medium that anyone can choose to join or not join, and freely contribute to. It could ber used like ncenbird, for example to comment on the moth ID, or give a trip report, or share a photo, or whatever. Facebook was a nice idea but a lot of people aren’t on Facebook, and won’t be. One of the forums would serve the need more directly, as anyone can easily choose to join.

I’m not sure whether ncenbird could or should be opened for all PG Naturalist chat. Perhaps it should be recommended to members interested in bird chat, while a new ncencritter, or whatever we’d call it, would cover primarily non-bird chat.

If there’s any organizational issues we should talk about, please do so – contact Clive


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