Early June Events

1. Sturgeon Presentation7:00 pm, Thursday, June 2, 4051 – 18th Avenue

Cory Williamson will give a resheduled presentation on the sturgeon recovery project. The location – the Ministry of Environment building – is around the corner from Shooters (JJ’s, for those with a memory) on Ospika.

 2. The Ancient Forest – Saturday, 4 June

Darwyn Coxson will lead an interpretive trip to the Ancient Forest thisd coming Saturday. The Ancient Forest is home to the world’s only known rainforest so far from the ocean: a mix of old growth coastal and interior species, with an awe-inspiring atmosphere.

Meet at 9:00 am under the Spruceland Mall sign (it’s in the middle of the Spruceland parking area on Central, not far from 5th) and bring walking shoes and lunch. It is not a strenuous hike, but be prepared to cover 2.3 km of trail, with 343 feet of elevation gain.

Recommended contribution to gas costs for car pooling: $12, as the forest is 113 km east of  PG.

The BC Field Ornithologists are having their AGM at Fort St John on the weekend of 10-12 June, and local members will be providing PG tours on 8-9 June for those en route from the lower mainland. If interested in joining the party, please let me know.



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