Event Updates

For The Birds – Thursday, 9 June
Members of The BC Field Ornithologists will be migrating through Prince George this week, and anyone wishing to observe them in their natural habitat should head to the CN Centre for 5:45 am on Thursday. (The early bird, and all that.) Nancy Krueger will be leading a tour of some of the birdiest local areas, and any other local enthusiasts will be welcome to join the car-pooling flock.

More Birds
For those not on ncenbird: a new edition of the most valuable publication of the PG Naturalists Club has just been published. The Checklist of North-Central Birds lists the 297 species of bird known to have occurred in this area, showing how likely you are to see them (everything from “hard to miss” to “historical record”) and when you are most (and least) likely to see them.
Kudos for the publication goes to Cathy Antoniazi, Sandra Kinsey, Nancy Krueger, Laird Law, and everyone who has sent them records of sightings.  It’s a Must Have for Club members. You can get a copy at the Information Centre on First Avenue; there’ll also be some available at future Club meetings.

Please note that Clive will be away for a couple of weeks so updates will be limited.


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