Spirituality & Mother nature at Forests for the World.

Spirituality and Mother Nature  Saturday September 24, 12:45 p.m. to 3 p.m. Forests for the World*             

Join songweaver Danielea Castell for your own adventure into the magic and mystery of the ‘more-than-human’ world’. Activities include an opening circle, solo meditation in nature and a sharing of stories.

* Meet at 12:45 pm at the far end of parking lot off Kueng Rd. Take Cranbrook Hill Rd. from Foothills Blvd. and left at Kueng Rd.

What to Bring:

Dress in old comfy clothes and warm layers, bring rain gear including hat/hood, folding chair or stool and small notebook/pen. This event is rain or shine.

Any questions please contact Danielea at danielea.castell@gmail.com or cell 250-981-8067

What does Spirituality mean?

In general, a scientific approach to nature observes, quantifies, collects and analyses, cataloguing groups of life-forms according to patterned behaviour, similarities and differences. A spiritual approach to nature is more intuitive. It begins with the premise that all life is inter-related, each of us is unique, sentient, intelligent and capable of communicating, albeit in languages sometimes other than verbal.

If we stop, slow down and listen with our intuition, our trust and our child-like innocence we can meet another life-form on their terms and if we are lucky, understand what they are saying to us. The outcome of these events is to establish a personal direct relationship with a new non-human neighbour in Prince George.

This event is facilitated by Danielea Castell, a sacred singer, songweaver , chant leader and facilitator who is passionate about harmonizing relations between humans and the more-than-human world.

On behalf of Clive Keen


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