Norther Lights, Magazine & Trip

First a note from Clive,

Naturalist Folks: with apologies for the late notice, here’s the details of next Saturday’s club trip organized by Carol Fairhurst.

Clive Keen

Rainforest EcoTour and Wildlife Discovery Tour

When: October 1st (Saturday)
Where: Crescent Spur – Loos, Robson Valley (drive time 1hr 40mins one way)

We plan to have two tours on this trip – one through the ancient cedar rainforest along the Fraser River valley bottom, and the other will be in various habitats on the north side of the river (we will be crossing in a boat).

Local biologists Dr. Rick Zamutto and Charles Mamo will share their in-depth knowledge of these special places and their inhabitants with us. This area is rich in large mammal populations in particular – ungulates, wolves, coyotes, black and grizzly bear.  If the weather is sunny, the scenery will be spectacular!

We will stop at a covered picnic area at the historic Leboe homestead, on the banks of the Fraser River for lunch (please plan on bringing your own).

In addition – If people wish, the Morkill Falls are 36km up the Morkill FSR and a trip could be made to view these amazing waterfalls at the end of the day.

Price is $20 per person to cover professional expenses. We will need a minimum of 6 people committed to this in advance. This trip is suitable for children as well!

Please contact Carol Fairhurst at  or  (250) 563-4021 by Wednesday Sept. 28th if you are interested.

For paid members – be sure to keep an eye open for your copy of the BCNature magazine. Ours arrive today!

Finally – be advised to keep a look out for northern lights for next 3 – 5 nights as there has been a coronal mass ejection and there is a possibility of more. See “SPACE WEATHER ADVISORY BULLETIN #11- 4 2011 September 26 at 03:00 p.m. MDT (2011 September 26 2100 UTC)” for further information.


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