Naturalist Photo’s Wanted

Get your best naturalist photographs ready! The PG Naturalists Club is partnering with The UNBC Fish and Wildlife Student Chapter of TWS (The Wildlife Society) on their annual calendar contest. In addition to encouraging members to enter photographs for the calendar contest, the PGNC will run a concurrent exhibition of members’ naturalist photos.

The TWS calendar contest, and the PGNC exhibition, will be held in the UNBC Winter Garden on Thursday October 20th and Friday October 21st.

Information on the TWS calendar contest is given in the attached announcement, and also attached is a calendar contest entry form.

There are no strict rules, fees, etc, for participating in the concurrent PGNC exhibition; it is an opportunity for the club to give an additional visual presentation, showcasing more of the nature in our area. While photographs for the calendar contest must be 8″ X 10″ (or reasonably close to that size), photos for the PGNC exhibition are not restricted in size.  11″ x 14″ and 13″ X 19″ photos are being readied by some PGNC members, but it is entirely at the discretion of the provider.

We’ll have a table and velcro-style display boards to display our photos, so photos in heavy frames would be problematic. Photos mounted on card (fairly cheap at W D West) will work well. Note that while photographs for the Calendar contest must be of wildlife, fish or invertebrates, photographs for the PGNC exhibition can cover any aspect of nature.

Photos for the club exhibition, as well as photos for the calendar competition, can be submitted in person on Thursday, 19 October, or earlier that week (times to be announced), at a table in the UNBC Agora.

At a later date, there will be an evening presentation at which exhibitors and contest winners will be invited to present their photographs, discuss them, and explain how they captured the images.

This should be a lot of fun, and provide some excellent publicity for the club. You are strongly encouraged to take part – preferably by providing photos, but if not, by heading to the Winter Garden to see the displays.

Clive Keen


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