AGM, Snowshoeing, Bird Count & Endangered Species

1. AGM, Thursday, 16 February, 7:00 pm, 4051-18th Avenue

Don’t forget that the Annual General Meeting takes place this coming Thursday. Two items of paperwork (don’t worry, they are very brief) are linked to below:

a) Abbreviated constitution and bylaws. This is unaltered from last year except for changes in tense. Members might like to look it over and see if modifications are needed now that we’ve had a year’s operating experience.

b) Annual Report from the Events Planning Group.

The agenda will be coming out in the next few days – members, please let us know if you’ve an item.

2. Reminder of the Snowshoeing Trip, Sunday, February 19

Sandra Hepburn will be leading a trip to Troll Lake on Tabor Mountain. Snowshoes are preferred, but skis will work. As per normal, meet under the Green Spruceland Shopping Centre sign for 9:00 am departure and bring a lunch.

3. Backyard Bird Count

Cathy Antoniazzi has reported a flock of over 1000 Bohemian Waxwings in town, which is rather timely for the Great Backyard Bird Count taking place this weekend. (I saw around 300 this morning in someone’s backyard in the Hart this morning.) Take a look at for details of the count. Regrettably, the Willow-Cale Hawk Owl is keeping away from people’s backyards,so it won’t show up on the count, but it’s still very visible. When I checked up on it yesterday, it flew past my head to catch a mouse in a tree, six feet off the ground, just twenty feet away. After it swallowed the mouse in two bites, it sat smugly for a moment

Hawk Owl sitting on a branch

Hawk Owl - Photo by Clive Keen

before it was given heck by a hairy woodpecker and raven.

4. Endangered Species Note

The Vancouver Avian Research Centre and Wilderness Committee have put together the ‘Plight of the Barn Swallow’ video to promote the fact that BC has no endangered species legislation. If interested, take a look at:

Clive Keen

A Brief Constitution 2012.doc

Naturalists Jan 2012 Annual Report.docx


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