Updates for the rest of March and upcoming April 2012 events

Members have been reporting seeing robins, canada geese, varied thrushes, and returning hawks – but if you see any other signs that spring really is here, don’t hesitate to let us know through our ncenbird or Facebook media.

Meanwhile, the next PGNC events will be:
1. Pink Mountain – 7:30 pm, Thursday, March 29, Weldwood Theatre (7-238) UNBC
Pink Mountain, 180k north of Fort St John, is a unique but threatened environment. This talk, which covers the mountain’s insects, birds, animals, plants and environmental threats, is a joint presentation with the UNBC Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Program.

2. Natural Brazil – 7:00 pm Thursday, 26 April,  4051-18th Avenue (Parks Building)
Clive Keen will tell some tall tales about Brazilian nature – and will back them up with photographs. He recently returned from three weeks in Florianopolis, southern Brazil, where the bird life in particular is spectacular. The Guira Cuckoo, shown below, did not just look wacky, but acted wacky.

Guira Cuckoo

Guira Cuckoo


Open House & Lunar Marathon at the Observatory, evening of March 30
There’s been some lovely clear skies lately, and the planets have been putting on a fine show.  Tonight at 8:00 pm you can see the crescent moon beside Venus, and Jupiter below, and for the next two weeks Mars reaches its highest point in the night sky. And, if you’ve never had a really good look at the moon through a telescope, head to the RASC observatory near West Lake and be amazed by the features you can see.

BC Hydro Site C Consultation & Open House, Thursday, April 12
The Club is being represented by Sandra  Hepburn at the stakeholder consultation in the morning, but everyone is invited to the open house, 6:00 – 9:00 pm, in the Ramada Hotel on George Street.

Mount Robson Bird Blitz, June 8-10
It’s the 25th anniversary of this event, in which PGNC has played a lead role. We camp at the provincial campground across the highway from the visitor’s centre, and can then hike, bushwhack, or drive. For details, call Nancy at 250.563.7896 or email gailross1@telus.net

Trip Report:  Snowshoe Trek, March 18
Members of the club were invited to join a trek organized by the Caledonia Ramblers. Shannon Carson and Beryl  Nesbit sent this photo 

Tree hugger

Slim Creek March 18th, 2012

and the following report:

 “Two members of the PG Naturalists attended the trek.  In all, there was nine folks in attendance;  some old friends to re-connect with and some new friends.  The destination was Slim Creek Provincial Park about 100 km east of Prince George.  It is near the Ancient Forest Trail and has some similar attractions.”

“The trip was enhanced by the experienced Caledonia Ramblers members who were very knowledgeable of the area, features and natural environment.  Some of the highlights were the large old trees (cedar, hemlock and Douglas-fir) and the amazing diversity of things growing on those old trees including gold-dust lichen, pin lichen and conks.  There was substantial sign of moose and a few LBJ (little brown jobs) birds (actually, we are pretty sure most of them were Common Redpolls).  There was, however, one unidentified song from an unseen bird and we would have appreciated a more experienced Naturalist on-site to assist with solving the mystery.”

“It was a marvelous day and trek; with only a few sore muscles to nurse on Monday.”

Hikers Beware
On a much less cheerful note, car break-ins have been reported by people parking in the trail-access points in the Sugarbowl  / Grizzly Den / Raven areas. Police advise hikers to leave as little as possible in their vehicles, lock up any valuables in the trunk, and shield any clues from view.

Clive Keen


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