Garbage, Photo’s, Conservation & Feguson Lake – May 8th, 2012

1.  Garbage Clean-up, Sunday,  13 May, 11:00 am
Make the natural world a bit nicer this weekend. The Shelley Lagoons provide arguably the best wildlife habitat in the Prince George region. This hare

Hare looking to the left


was showing off his summer coat there on Sunday, bucketloads of toads have spring fever, muskrat can practically always be seen now the ice is off, and there’s a huge array of ducks and shorebirds on show. Some extremely rare species have been seen there in recent years.

The lagoons themselves are kept in reasonable condition by the city, but the approach area, where naturalists leave their cars, is a real mess, strewn with garbage. The place deserves better:  Let’s clear it up.

If you can spare the time, meet at the Spruceland mall under the large sign at 11:00 am, or at the entrance to the lagoons at 11:20. Bring work gloves and boots, clean-up clothing, and perhaps garbage bags.  With a good turnout, we’ll have it all cleaned up by one o’clock.  Anyone interested can then join in with a count of the number of species to be seen around the lagoons themselves – bring binos for that.

2. PGNC Photographic Non-Competition
Staffan Lindgren* and I have been discussing a club photo competition, but have come up with something better:  a non-competition where members people show photos displaying any aspect of the natural world in which they are interested, and tell us about the shots. The photographs don’t have to be of high technical standard or taken with expensive gear: a fuzzy shot of a wolverine and the story of its sighting will be at least as welcome — probably more so –as a technically superb shot of a house finch.

The details haven’t been worked out yet, but meanwhile, keep taking photographs, and put some of them aside with a view to taking part in an evening’s show-and-tell.

3. Conservation projects
The club has been contacted by the Peace Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program. Amongst other things they are looking for ideas for fish and wildlife and habitat enhancement projects, particularly those to be led by the club. if you have any ideas, please contact any of the club’s executive (Sandra Kinsey, Carol Fairhurst, Anne Hogan, Sandra Hepburn and me.)

4. Ferguson Lake – Public Consultation Meeting,  7: 00 pm, May 16th, onsite, corner of Ferguson Lake Rd and Edward Road
Members will remember that the city’s initial fire suppression plans for the Ferguson Lake area caused something of a furore last winter.  The City is now taking a second look at how fire suppression can be effected, using Job Creation Funding to allow for low impact hand work.  This looks to meet the concerns expressed last time round by naturalists and residents, but members of the public are invited to attend a meeting to consider the new plans.

*Incidentally, Staffan ID’d the huge lizard whose photo was shown at the April 26 event: it was an Argentinian Tegu, which grows to 4.5 feet.

Clive Keen


2 responses to “Garbage, Photo’s, Conservation & Feguson Lake – May 8th, 2012

  1. Susan Wheeler

    Can someone give me directions to the Shelley Lagoon? It doesn’t sound like the place I am familiar with and I live near Shelley. Thanks.

    • Hello Susan,

      I had to ask Clive for directions, here is his response…

      Head out of town east for on highway 16 for five minutes or so until reaching Shelley Road. Turn left, and head for around 1 k until there’s a left turn on a dirt road to a transfer station. Drive past the transfer station for about 400 metres, and you’ll get to the lagoons. Park outside, not inside, the gate.