Clean up, Wilkins Park & Mount Robson Bird Blitz

Shelley Lagoons Clean up

Many thanks to the Magnificent Seven, who completed the clean-up of the Shelley Lagoon entrance area today. Eight mountainous truck-loads of crud were collected and taken to the transfer station, making Mother Nature happy on Mother’s Day.

At the conclusion, a tour of the lagoons led to the observation of 28 bird species, including some life-birds (e.g. cinnamon teal, semipalmated plover and dunlin see photo) for some. American Toads were getting ready for action as we left.



Wilkins Park

Watch this space for an upcoming guided naturalist tour of Wilkins Park. More details soon…

Mount Robson Bird Blitz, June 8-10

It’s the 25th anniversary of this event, in which PGNC has played a lead role. We camp at the provincial campground across the highway from the visitor’s centre, and can then hike, bushwhack, or drive. For details, call Nancy at 250.563.7896 or email

Clive Keen


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