Field Trips, Bird Blitz and Venus: Update for June 2, 2012

1. Field Trip: Wilkins Regional Park, June 2, 8:30 am (half day)

Heather Meier confirms that this Saturday’s trip to Wilkins is on: the paths are a bit soggy in a few spots (bring suitable footware) but the plant and bird life are currently excellent. Where there’s warblers, there’s usually mosquitoes, so you might want to bring bug spray.

Meet at 8:30 am at Spruceland Mall, under the large sign as per usual. We will probably get to Wilkins around 9 am which gives a half day of nature immersion before lunch. People may wish to bring a lunch for the picnic area when we’re done immersing.

2. Mount Robson Bird Blitz, June 8-10

If you’re interested in taking part in the Blitz, call Nancy at 250.563.7896 or email  We camp at the provincial camp ground across the highway from the visitor’s centre, and will then hike, bushwhack, or drive as the spirit moves. It’s the 25th anniversary of this event, and there’ll be a celebratory potluck at the campsite on Saturday night.

3. Transit of Venus, June 5, starts 15:05

This once-in-a lifetime event*, as Venus crosses the face of the sun, takes place next Tuesday. DON’T, of course, look directly at the sun with the naked eye, or you can seriously damage your eyesight. Special equipment, such as a welder’s visor, is needed, or you can head to Connaught Hill Park, where the local branch of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will be observing until sunset, when the transit will be 90% complete. For more info, head to

4. Ferguson Lake

There’s been a harmonious resolution of the Ferguson Lake wildfire suppression issue. Yesterday, the City’s Community Forest Manager met with residents and other interested parties on site, and there was general agreement to go ahead with low-impact fuel treatment, subject to successful granting application, as described in the Ferguson_Lake_CFA_Fuel_Treatment.pdf document. Kudos to all involved.

*The next transit is in December 2117.

Clive Keen


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