Naturalist Club Events and Notes – June 14, 2012

1. Evening Walk along the Heritage Trail. Thursday, July 5, 7:00 pm
This walk will particularly focus on the Hudson’s Bay Slough area, to acquaint people with the possibilities of transforming it into a key naturalists’ area. More details about the event will be sent closer to the event, but see also 4 below.

2. Visit to Mackenzie Bird Banding Station. Saturday, July 28, all day event
This will be an early-start event, as Mugaha Marsh is some distance from Prince George, and the mist nets operate only in the morning. Again, more details will be sent closer to the time.

On other themes:

3. Special Committee on Timber Supply: Consultation, 21 June 2012, 8:00 am to 1:00 pm, Ramada Hotel Downtown
Following the Pine Beetle epidemic, there are pressures to amend existing policies to increase the timber supply. This has a number of important environmental implications of concern to naturalists. The Special Committee on Timber Supply is running a series of consultations throughout the Central Interior, and will visit Prince George on 21 June. If you are able to attend, in a personal capacity or as a member of the PGNC, see for details on participation.

4.  Hudson’s Bay Slough – Major Club Project?
The Club executive has been taking another look at the possibility of developing the Hudson’s Bay Slough area as Prince George’s major Naturalist Centre. Other cities have such centres — Scout Island in Williams Lake, for instance — and it is odd that the province’s northern capital lacks one. The Slough area, carefully rehabilitated, could be a natural gem in the heart of the city and a magnet for naturalists, schools and visitors.

Please send in any ideas and comments you may have on this: we’ll be collecting information on the history, geography, hydrology, flora and fauna of the Slough before deciding on whether to put a major effort into the project.

5. Checklist of Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians
A preliminary draft of the checklist is attached, in both Word and PDF form. The plan is to circulate versions to members and specialists, and gradually move towards a printable edition. This is likely to take several drafts. Please send in any comments — particularly on general locations of species, and on evidence for species whose presence is not “officially” confirmed in the Prince George area.

Two happy notes:

6.  PG50
Newly available on iTube is the ‘PG50’, a one-day 50-kilometre circumnavigation walk around Prince George. The presentation includes a very rare photograph of a White Sturgeon breaching in the Nechako.  Go to

7. Balls of Fluff
There have been several sightings of Long-billed Curlews with chicks this week. These are unusual around here,  but there should be a succession of the more common balls of fluff over the next weeks.

Clive Keen


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