Naturalist Club Events and Notes – July 7, 2012

1. Rosebud Mountain walk: Saturday, 14 July 2012
A date has now been confirmed for this walk. Meet at 8:00 am in the usual spot under the large sign in the Spruceland Shopping centre, and bring the footwear etc needed for a fairly sprightly walk. James Steidle is planning out the route, which may include the groundhog city and the area in which the Pine Marten was recently spotted.

2. Follow-up on the Hudson’s Bay Slough walk of 5 July
Many thanks to the 17 people who took part in Thursday’s walk and provided ideas about the potential of the wetland.  A one-page report is attached, in both Word and pdf form. A summary of the key points can also be seen at:
Hudsons Bay Slough NotesC – Word version
Hudsons Bay Slough NotesC – PDF version

3. City-led meeting to explore potential for outdoor / environmental collaboration
In September the city will be convening a meeting involving some 20 local outdoor / environmental organizations to consider potential synergies. One of the issues to be discussed is whether a local interpretive centre should be established — something very much on the minds of the club executive.

4. Visit to Mackenzie Bird Banding Station, Saturday, July 28, all day event
Don’t forget to let us know if you plan to take part in this trip. Some people will be heading to the station directly, so we need to know if car pooling is needed for others.

A Sora at the Shelley Water Polishing facility near Prince George BC Canada


A Sora (member of the rail family) spotted this morning at the Shelley Water Polishing Facility.

Clive Keen


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