PG Naturalists Club Notes – July 30th, 2012

1. Checklist
The first “official” edition of the Checklist of North-Central BC Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles is available here Checklist of North July 2012 Edition. Later editions, after it has had a wide circulation, might be printed, but for now it will be available just in electronic form. As always, improvements to the checklist are sought and can be sent at any time – remember it whenever you have a particularly good or unusual sighting.

2. Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding
Six members took the long drive to Mugaha Marsh last weekend, and found it both highly informative and a great joy. As Bob Steventon said -“A wonderful place staffed by wonderful people”. Photos of a few of the many birds banded on the day are below.

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3. Hudson’s Bay Wetland
A couple more club trips to the slough, showing the potential loop walk, will be organized over the next six weeks or so, as a preliminary to a major club meeting to be held in early October. Any records of flora or fauna found in the area, and particularly photographs, would be welcomed as we put together a detailed proposal.

4. Gadgets Night
We’re also thinking of holding a “gadgets night” later in the year: looking, for example, at trail cameras and the best photographs they’ve taken recently; bird-recognition software; iPhone apps, etc. If you’ve ideas for this, or have a gadget you think will interest club members, please let us know.

Clive Keen
Chair, Events Planning Group


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