Naturalist Club Thursday Meeting and Notes, Oct 9, 2012

1.  Club Meeting, Thursday October 11, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, Atrium, The Exploration Place
Don’t forget this meeting, which could lead to great things for both naturalists and Prince George. If you know anyone not in the Club who is interested in either enhancements to the Hudson’s Bay wetland, or creating an interpretive centre, by all means ask them along. Club memberships and renewals can also be taken out at the meeting.

2. Aurora Watch
Bonnie Hooge reports a fine aurora last night, and, given the current clear skies, it could be worth checking for auroral fireworks this evening. Take a look also at , remembering to change the map from Alaska to the whole of Canada.

3. Owl Watch
Lee Foster reports seeing two Short-eared Owls flying at dusk at Salmon Valley this week, after earlier finding Barred, Horned, and Saw-whet Owls. There’s also been a recent report of a Hawk Owl — keep those reports coming. And a reminder that if you like bird information (plus other reports of naturalist-related things), you can get it quickly by signing up to .

4. Photo
The bird migration season is tailing off, but there’s still plenty to watch for. In among starling flocks you might find some of the attached.

Rusty Blackbird

Rusty Blackbird

Looking a bit like a mutant starling wearing a bandit mask, it is in fact a Rusty Blackbird. If you knew that without needing to be prompted, though, you’ll enjoy a new bird-recognition quiz at .

Clive Keen


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