Naturalist Club Notes, November 7th, 2012

Naturalist folks – please note three upcoming events:

1. Planning Meeting: Interpretive Centre / Hudson’s Bay Wetland Project. Saturday, 24 November, 10:00 AM, UNBC cafeteria

This is a special meeting for members interested in working on the creation of an interpretive centre for Prince George and/or on the Hudson’s Bay Wetland project. An update will be given on the city’s 22 November meeting of interested groups, and a start will be made on planning for the Hudson’s Bay Wetland project.

2. Photographic Presentation: Kayaking Adventures in BC. Thursday, November 29, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue

Staffan Lindgren will present and discuss a series of photographs taken during his numerous kayaking trips and other events throughout the province. Dr Lindgren is a professor at UNBC in Ecosystem Science and Management, and though his research focuses on forest insect attack, he has broad interests as a naturalist, as the presentation will demonstrate.

3. Double Presentation: Thursday, December 6, 7:00 pm (date and location to be confirmed)

a. Dan Adamson, Community Forest Manager, will give a brief presentation on Mapping Prince George’s Natural Areas and Climate Change Impacts.

b. Mike Nash, well-known author and outdoorsman, will give a photographic presentation on the week he spent backpacking in the Niut Range as part of a BC Nature project gathering data for the BC Breeding Bird Atlas. The Niut Range is an outlier of the Coast Mountains, west of Williams Lake, south of Highway 20, known for high-end mountaineering.

Other Notes:

1. For those not on ncenbird: keep an eye out for Snowy Owls, which can be seen during the daytime on wires and posts. Several have been spotted in Prince George in the last few days.

2. Open houses are being run again at the astronomical observatory on Fridays, starting at 7:30 pm. See for details.

3. Jupiter is high in the sky at the moment – take a look through binoculars at this particularly bright “star” and you’ll be able to see four of the moons of the gas-giant planet.

An American Crow reaping the benefits of Halloween.

Crow with a Kitkat in its beak

Trick or Treat


Clive Keen


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