Tonight’s Presentations are a GO! – Dec 13, 2012

I case you were wondering, given the weather, the PG Naturalists Club event is still taking place tonight.An addition to the agenda will be a short discussion on Snowy Owls – Doug Wilson will give an overview of the situation, and go over the issue of whether anything can or should be done when we see distressed owls.

Double Presentation: December 13, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue

a. Dan Adamson, Community Forest Manager, will give a brief presentation on Mapping Prince George’s Natural Areas and Climate Change Impacts.
b. Mike Nash, well-known author and outdoorsman, will give a photographic presentation on the week he spent backpacking in the Niut Range as part of a BC Nature project gathering data for the BC Breeding Bird Atlas. The Niut Range is an outlier of the Coast Mountains, west of Williams Lake, south of Highway 20, known for high-end mountaineering.

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