Prince George Naturalist Club Notes & Events – January 22nd, 2013

1. Livingstone Springs Snowshoe Trip, this Sunday, 27 January The annual PGNC snowshoe trip to Livingstone Springs take place this coming Sunday. It’s a gentle trip, so don’t worry if your snowshoeing skills are rusty. It’s a fun half-day, and there’s always a chance of seeing otters, moose, swans, American dippers, eagles and more, while learning about animal tracks in the snow. As usual, meet under the large Spruceland Shopping Centre sign at 9:00 am and bring suitable clothing in layers, snowshoes or cross-country skis and a lunch. For more information, contact .

2. Bear Awareness AGM, Thursday, 31 January, 6:00 pm The Northern Bear Awareness Society will be holding its AGM at Art Space, upstairs from Books & Company at 1685 – 3rd Avenue: all PGNC folk are invited to head along and learn more about bears in the city and how the Society protects and researches the local bear population.

3. Celestial matters We are currently seeing this month’s full moon – it is called the ‘Wolf Moon’ a name popularly attributed to first nations, who, according to popular culture, chose the name because they heard hungry wolf packs howling outside the villages at this time of year. On another note: On Feb 15, asteroid 2012 DA14 (130,000 tons) will pass the Earth at an anticipated distance of 21,000km. That’s really close – so close that the asteroid will be viewable from quite small amateur telescopes.

4. For Birders and Birdwatchers Ethical considerations give me pause, but as a friend said: “there’s no point having a trumpet unless you blow it occasionally” so take a look at There’s not a lot of competition, but at the moment you’ll find out about the top-selling birding humor book in Canada. (OK, there really isn’t a lot of competition.)

Clive Keen


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