PG Naturalist Club events and notes, 5 March 2013

Club Events

1. Hudson’s Bay Wetland Steering Group Meeting, Thursday, 14 March, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue
This meeting is confirmed. Could all members of the Steering Group do their best to attend; others are of course welcome to come along.

2. Club AGM & Gadgets Night No 1, Thursday, 28 March, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue
The annual general meeting will get some necessary business done – Anne Hogan will send out details next week to the shorter Club Membership list – and then Bob Steventon and Scott Back will show some of the wildlife photographs taken by their trail cameras. Bob has a series of trails at the rear of his house, providing perfect spots for a trail cam, while Scott has 21 such cameras at Sugarbowl – Grizzly Den, providing some great photo sequences.  If you’ve ever thought about using a trail cam, you can find out how and what to look forward to.

Club Notes

1. Hudson’s Bay Wetland Project Website
There’s a website up and running now, giving many of the details of the Club’s wetland project. Please look it over, and send me any comments – and if you know anyone interested in the project, please tell them about the site, which is at:

2. Ancient Forest
If you missed the excellent media coverage on the Ancient Forest, head to the CBC Radio West interview with Darwyn Coxson at
or the Vancouver Sun story at:

3. Skygazing
Saturn’s rings are now deeply tilted, giving arguably the single most enthralling sight in the night sky. If you’ve got optics, go for it, or head to the observatory open house on Friday. See for details.

4. Birding
The gyrfalcon on the 1st Avenue railyards is continuing to offer plenty of sightings as it terrorizes the pigeons, and there’s also stirrings of spring among other species, which have started tuning their voices. Before too long the annual PGNC curlew-spotting trip will be on us.

Other Events
Another sign of spring is the number of upcoming events likely to be of interest to Club members:

1. Paddling Film Festival, Friday, March 8, 7:00 pm, UNBC Canfor Theatre
Hosted by BC Parks and UNBC’s Outdoor Recreation and Tourism Management students. See for more information. Tickets $12.00  in advance, $15.00 at the door.

2. Annual Peace Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program Lecture, Thursday, March 14, 15:30 -16:30, UNBC, 6-205/211
Dr Rick Cunjak will give a seminar entitled “The response of Atlantic salmon to extreme warming in rivers.” A reception, with refreshments, will follow.

3. Protected or in Peril? The Peace River Break in the Canadian Rockies, Friday, March 15, 7:00 pm, UNBC, Weldwood Theatre, Room 7-238
The Peace River Break is one of the most ecologically diverse places in the Yellowstone to Yukon region, providing a crucial wildlife link between the Rocky Mountains to the south and north. It is also  one of the most endangered, with industry expanding fast there, and the prospect of a third hydroelectric dam on the Peace River. Join Karsten Heuer, award-winning author, adventurer, conservation advocate and President of Y2Y for an informative series of talks.



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