Additional PGNC Notes – Mar 6th, 2013

1. AGM and Gadgets Night, Thursday, 28 March, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue

Carole Fairhurst will be joining Bob Steventon and Scott Back in giving presentations on trail cameras and the wildlife they’ve captured. It will be a very rich show-and-tell.

2. Creation of a Nature/Outdoor Centre for Prince George

The group of local organisations interested in creating a centre, convened by Dan Adamson,  met again last night, and made a lot of progress. It was clear to the participants that the Club’s wetland project should be closely connected to a future nature/outdoor centre, but in the meantime, it was agreed that a master plan, covering  the long-term vision, was needed, and it was likely that this could be done in the not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, the group will move towards developing a formal structure. Perhaps the finest moment of the meeting came when Nowell Senior recommended that the group should aim to bite off more than it can chew, and then chew it anyway.

3. Club Website

The “links” page of the club website has been expanded to give members quick access to other directly useful web pages – take a look at – and let us know if you’ve some favourite naturalist websites that you’d like to see added.

Other Events

In addition to the events mentioned on March 5, the following PG Photographic Society event is likely to be of distinct interest to members:

Chris Harris will be in Prince George on March 13, 7:30 pm, at the Canfor Theatre at UNBC, to present his new book, Flyover – British Columbia’s Cariboo Chilcotin Coast – An Aviation Legacy. Tickets are $10 at Books & Co and Studio 2880. Drawing on his experience as an outdoor guide and fine art photographer, Chris reveals the stunning beauty of the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast wilderness.

And on the subject of stunning photographs, for those not on ncenbird:  Sean Crane took three extraordinary shots of a battle between two predators over a vole at Boundary Bay. The sequence, which makes other bird photographers weep with envy, can be seen:



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