Hudson’s Bay Slough walk, Saturday March 23

Hello Wetland supporters,
On Saturday March 23, the Naturalists Club will hold a circle walk around the Hudson’s Bay Slough channel between the Fraser River and Queensway Street. Meet at 2 p.m. at The Exploration Place south parking lot. The walk will take 60 to 90 minutes.
As of 2 p.m. Friday, the Heritage Trail is ploughed and walkable but icy in places where the snow has melted. Winter footwear is advisable, with cleats for the cautious. It’s also possible to snowshoe alongside the trail except over the bridge which is clear. Consider it a challenge to see if we can complete a late winter circle walk on a variety of trail conditions! Sandra Kinsey is leading the walk. For more information please contact Sandra at

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  1. Dang I’ll have to miss this adventure as the World Travelling Film festival is winding down and I have a 3pm showing. Have a great time, it will be great weather! Guy.

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