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This is just a quick reminder of the

AGM and Gadgets Night, this Thursday, 28 March 2013, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue
Here is the draft AGM AGenda 2013 document. The business meeting should be fairly brief, and followed by something much more entertaining – a series of animal photographs captured by trail motion cameras.  But: note in particular the item on Membership of the Events Planning Group. Don’t hesitate to step forward or to let us know of any nominations to this group. Also, if you’ve ideas for any events for 2013, be prepared to let us know at the meeting.

And, while I’m writing, note:

Spring Birds – All change
It’s that time of year. The annual passage of Rough-legged Hawks is now on us – for a month or so, these will be a regular and hugely impressive sight, as they pause on their way north. Any day, around a dozen species of waterfowl will once again be with us, some passing through, and some staying to breed. The spectacular influx of Curlews is likely to start in a few weeks time; there’ll be a special PGNC field trip once the birds are spotted in any number. Jack Bowling also reminds us that this time of year sees the departure of some birds we’ve been getting to know. The First-Avenue Gyrfalcon, still present today, will soon be back in the arctic, and those Redpolls will similarly be leaving balmy Prince George by mid-April for more bracing climes. This week, though, should be final opportunity to spot a Snowy Owl if you’ve not seen one already.

If you’d like to know when you can see particular species of birds, pick up the Club’s Checklist of North-Central Birds from the Information Centre on First Avenue. If you’d like to be kept in daily touch with sightings, sign up for

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