AGM 2013 Follow up

A quick follow-up from the AGM:

1.  Gadgets
Many thanks to the Gadgets presenters – it was a terrific session. Staffan Lindgren sends two notes:

First, if you’re inspired to follow up on trail cameras, there’s a thorough review at:\

Secondly, there’s an extremely inexpensive way of checking out binoculars-for-the-ears.  The following device won’t last long in the field, but you’ll be able to ID spring birds from amazing distances:

Also: Kevin Gagel also sends a link for the GPS device he showed that can be added to cameras:

2.  Observatory
As requested, an evening at the Observatory has been booked – it will be on Wednesay, April 24. More details will be sent closer to the event.

3. Spring Birds
The first flood of migrants is now on us. Mountain Bluebirds are coming through in good numbers, and watch out for the attached – Townsend’s Solitaires – which will start to pass through any day, and in large numbers for a week or so in the middle of April.



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