Help with dying Redpolls… April 26th, 2013

Facebook user Lucille Stack is requesting help with sick Redpolls. If you can assist her please contact her through facebook by clicking on her name.

“Is there any place I can call to get some help, I think the Redpolls in my yard have some kind of sickness. I put some video on my face book page of them just yesterday.they are dyeing. I thought it was cats but now that the weather is warmer I have been outside more there has been over 15 or so I have picked up died in my year this year. hope you can help me. I have been videoing taping them for some time now. thank you”


3 responses to “Help with dying Redpolls… April 26th, 2013

  1. See the Naturalist Audubon Society…..clean bird feeders of droppings in bleach mixing 10parts water…1 part bleach. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
    Use sunflower seeds and single type seeds…not mixed seeds…..clean up ground area, too.

  2. I am having the same problem. I have picked up about 8 deceased birds this week…and I know there are more sick ones. I looked online and it may be salomnella poisioning from the bird feeders. I remived my feeders, put new ones up and cleaned up the old seeds on the ground – we only did that last night. We will have to wait and see if this works. I plan on calling the fish and wildlife dept on Monday to ask if they have any knowledge or suggestions of the situation.

  3. I have experienced the same thing. The birds are on the ground, seeming like they are trying to get warm in the sun…little energy to fly up to feeders. A few have even allowed my to pick them up and put them on the feeders. Some seem to be ‘swallowing’ and look as if they are about to die….but fly a short distance only to land on the ground again. It could be salmonella from eating seeds on the ground among droppings… I don’t know.