PGNC Events and Notes, 13 May 2013

Club Events

1. Birdwalk (LAST) Saturday, 11 May, Wilkins Park, 8:00 am

Heather Meier, who earlier last week found a first-time bird for PG ­- a Marbled Godwit – led a bird walk to Wilkins.  Meet at the usual place under the big sign at Spruceland Mall at 8:00 am, with a departure for Wilkins Park at 8:15 am, and finish by noon. Boots are recommended as trails may be muddy/flooded in places. All welcome but no dogs, please.

2. Presentation: Thursday 23 May, 7:00 pm, “Parks Building”, 4051-18th Avenue

Reminder of this talk by Darwyn Coxson: Upper Fraser Ancient Cedar Stands ­– A proposed new World Heritage site in B.C


(Reports on club and related activities are welcome.)

Note from Danielea Castell

Thank you to the twelve people who came out to help clean up the Hudson Bay Slough last Sunday. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot done –  from Queensway west to Pine St and down to the footbridge in the River direction. In addition to the many debris-related surprises we found a koi fish living in the slough.

I also had reason to feel grateful to the Litterers.  Several times I was deep among the thorny-ones and ran out of room in my garbage bag and presto! I’d find an intact plastic shopping bag I could use to keep going. We also found two shopping carts and used the clean-ish one to haul heavy bags back to the dumpster. “Pretty surreal pushing a shopping cart in the forest” one person named Jay commented.

Volunteers pose near the slough


In the picture is Jay, Goji, me, Li and that’s Doug down the hill on the right. He came with his $5 chestwaders and fished a lot of clothing and blankets out of the slough. Thank you Doug!

A big thanks to Dan McGaughey from Two Rivers Canoe club who came with his single canoe and hauled debris from the water. Also, present and hard-working were Sandra, Utte, Dora, Linda, Dom, Darlene and Sue.



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