PGNC Events and Notes, may 26th, 2013

1. Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program – input needed
There’ll be an important FWCP meeting on June 4, at 6-9 pm in the PG Library. The program dispenses significant funds for fish and wildlife projects, and the meeting will help set priorities for the next five years. This is an excellent opportunity to the club to learn about and influence the program.


1. Bear encounter
Also attached is a photo of a large black bear Dave King encountered on Sunday on the Giscombe trail. It was just 30-40 ft from him and, oddly, it was not at all disturbed by the noise of his chainsaw. It reluctantly went up a tree 15 feet, allowing Dave, with chainsaw still running, to pass right underneath.
Bear with front paws on tree looking at you.
2. Star gazing
This week, three planets – Venus, Jupiter and Mercury – are converging in the evening western horizon. On the 25th and 26th, they will form a small triangle. This is a perfect opportunity to observe with binoculars – you’ll see that they are discs, not points (showing them to be planets rather than stars) and some moons should be visible.

3. Birds and windows
Some pleasing news from the U.S: reacting to the fact that up to a billion birds die every year in window collisions, a new bill calls for each federal public building to  incorporate, to the maximum extent possible, bird-safe building materials  and design features.
A Blue-winged Warbler perched on a twig.


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