Naturalist Club Notes and Events, October 4th, 2013

Shows a small bird on a post, an American Pipit.

American Pipit

Photo: American Pipits are on the move south, and just occasionally stop, like this fellow over the weekend, to pose for the cameras.


Nature and Outdoor Recreation Centre for Prince George: Consultant Report
Anne Hogan and I attended a meeting yesterday at which the external consultant gave a report on the preferred location for the Centre. While cautioning that this was tentative only, she indicated that the best location would seem to be the Forests For the World/UNBC/Greenway Trail area.  Anne and I continued, however, to promote the merits first of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland/Fort George Park area, and alternatively, of a split site connecting the Wetland with Cottonwood Island Park.

The consultant reiterated that her recommendations were preliminary only, and she was still seeking input, and thus encouraged members of the Naturalists Club to send on their views. To do so, please email her at

Upcoming Club Events

1. Hudson’s Bay Walk and Boardwalk Planning, 10:00 am, Sunday October 6 
Robin Draper will lead a morning walk to look at potential locations for boardwalks and observation features. Meet at The Exploration Place parking lot. Waterproof boots could prove handy.

2. Lost Lake BioBlitz 2, Sunday October 20,  8:30 am to 12:30 pm
This will be the second Club trip to Lost Lake, this time walking to the lake itself from Big Fir Road in Beaverly. Members may either carpool from Spruceland at 8:30, or meet at the first bend on Big Fir Road at 9:00.

3. Club General Meeting, Exploration Place, 7:00 pm, Thursday October 24
This is an important general meeting at which a new constitution and some policies related to the Hudson’s Bay project will be presented for ratification. After concluding the business, Steven Dubas will give a presentation on the work being done by the Tabor Mountain Recreation Society .


1. Peace-Williston Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program seeks a third public board member
This program, which provides funding to many nature-related projects, will shortly be seeking new projects to fund, so it is a particularly important time to be involved. See the attachment for details.

2. Good News about Salmon
The Fraser River has, against expectations, been awash with pink salmon: see

3. Observatory Open Houses
The Friday Open House fall season has resumed, starting after 7:30pm or 30 minutes after sunset, as long as the sky is 50% or greater clear. See for details.

4. Bird-Window Collisions
The University of Alberta is seeking assistance on a project addressing the fact that an estimated one billion birds die in North America each year through collision with windows. To help with the citizen science,  go to http://birdswindows.biology.ual

Clive Keen


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