PG Naturalist Club Event & Notes, 9 January 2014

Swan and Eagle Count, January 12
The Club will be conducting the annual Swan and Eagle Count on the Crooked River this Sunday. Meet at 9:00 am under the Spruceland Shopping Centre sign.

Spruceland shopping centre sign on top with save on foods sign on bottom

Meeting Place

Bring lunch, snowshoes (or skis, but they are more awkward). Dress warmly.  For more info email or phone at 250.963.8381.


The Membership page has been updated with the latest Constitution & By-Laws, Gifts & Donations Policy and Membership Forms
Christmas Bird Count
37 people took part in the 29 December Christmas Bird Count, which was remarkable considering that a foot of snow had fallen overnight. 10,612 birds in 46 species were tallied. A Snowy Owl at the airport, huge flocks of Bohemian Waxwings and comparative rarities such as Townsend’s Solitaires were among the highlights. Christmas Bird Counts are now a major international exercise. For results of the many counts in BC, go to – Not Necessarily Asleep!
Mike Nash reports that there were fresh grizzly bear tracks ascending the first kilometre of the Viking Trail (Sugarbowl-Grizzly Provincial Park) from Highway 16 on New Year’s Day. It’s a reminder that grizzly bears can be active at any time of the year.

Reporting Wildlife Collisions
Until January 24, 2014, the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is seeking input about stretches of highways where wildlife is encountered, plus any additional comments about wildlife collision prevention. You can provide input online at

Lost Lake Interpretive Forest Campaign
This email comes too late to announce a key meeting at the Beaverly Community Association AGM (9 January) regarding proposals for management of the Lost Lake area as an interpretive forest — but if you’d like to receive updates or support the campaign, send an email to There is also a Flickr group setup of the Lost Lake area that you can contribute your photos to as well.

Nature Centre for Prince George
The next meeting of the Nature and Outdoor Recreation Alliance will be on February 6 at City Hall, and several members of the PGNC executive will be taking part.
Shows a male purple finch perched on snow.

Purple Finch

Photo: you might have noticed that Purple Finches (rather prettier than the resident House Finches) have been appearing recently around Prince George, too late for the Christmas Bird Count, apparently drifting in from the east.

Clive Keen

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