PG Naturalist Club Events & Notes, 15 January 2014


Swan and Eagle Count Rescheduled for this Saturday, 18 January
Snow flurries as the group were setting off last Sunday led to a postponement of the Sweagle count on the Crooked River. Meet at 9:00 am under the green Spruceland Shopping Centre sign. Bring lunch, snowshoes, and dress warmly. For more info email or phone at 250.963.8381. Remember to keep a special lookout for hybrids.

Shows a hybrid bird - body of an eagle with the head of a swan on a shoreline with a crow and lake in the background.


Future Events

The Great Backyard Birdcount (GBBC) 2014 is coming up, on February 14-17, so keep those feeders filled. To find out about it, or sign up to take part, head to .

This should be a great year for northern lights, as we are at the peak of the 11-year cycle. A joint talk with the Observatory (RASC) is being arranged, for the second half of February. More details will be given in the next club email.


The membership year has now started, which means that dues (still $25 single, $40 family) are due. If you’ve not done so, the simplest way of renewing, or joining for the first time, is to head to and download the membership form.



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