PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes 17 Feb 2014

Club Event

Presentation on the Northern Lights, The Exploration Place, This Thursday, 7:00 pm. 20 February
Dr Bob Nelson will be discussing and explaining the magnificent natural phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis, and showing some images and movies. 2014 is set to be the aurora year of the decade, as we are at the top of the eleven-year cycle for sunspots, so we’re particularly pleased that the  Royal Astronomical Society accepted our invitation to speak to us on all things auroral.

Shows green shimmering lights in the night sky above a foreground of  trees

Aurora tells us that we’re not likely to see a display outside in the next few days, but you can ask the site to warn you by email in advance of any auroral event.


1. Lost Lake hearing, 6:30 tonight,  Monday February 17, 2014,  Beaverly Volunteer Fire Hall  
A proposal has been submitted to subdivide a property adjacent to the Lost Lake area. Supporters of Lost Lake are requested to attend the public meeting.
2. Declining moose numbers – AGM
You may have heard that moose are vanishing from some regions in British Columbia, and the provincial government has launched a major study to find out why.  We’re pleased to say that Doug Heard has agreed to speak on the subject at the club’s AGM, now scheduled for late March.
3. Great Backyard Bird Count
Kudos to all those taking part in this weekend’s GBCC. There’s rather a hypnotic show on at the moment at . Every time someone sends in a checklist, a yellow dot appears. It effectively conveys the scale of citizen science.
4. Livingston Springs Snowshoe Trip
The Sunday February 9th annual snowshoe trip to Livingston Springs went ahead as scheduled. Two members (Sandra & Kevin) suited up and braved the frigid -30 C morning temperature. You don’t know what you missed but you can get a sense of it on Kevin’s blog. Maybe next time you’ll brave the temperatures and see nature at its finest too.
Clive Keen

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  1. Hi there, do I need to be a member to come to the Northern Lights presentation on Thursday night? If so, how much is membership? Cheers, Ben. Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2014 03:18:42 +0000 To: