Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 5th May 2014

1. Hudson’s Bay Wetland Project Launch and $10,000 Sponsorship

Many thanks to everyone who turned out today for the project launch and the announcement of a $10,000 sponsorship from TransCanada. And very special thanks, of course, to TransCanada and to Mayor Shari Green for recommending this project to them. If you’ve not seen the very nifty new information booth, head to the footbridge over the channel near The Exploration Place.

2. 300th bird species!

If you’re a birder, you’ll know all about the excitement over the first sighting of a Black-necked Stilt in our area. First spotted by Cathy Antoniazzi on Sunday near the Giscombe School, the bird has been putting on a good show for a succession of binocular-wielders from Prince George. I’d misconstrued the number of species previously recorded in our area. though, when speaking to the Prince George Citizen. Since the Club’s checklist, with 297 species, was printed in 2011, both Marbled Godwit and Ash-throated Flycatcher have been recorded in our area. So, it seems that the Stilt was the 300th species of bird recorded here, a cause for double celebration.

If you don’t have an official Club checklist, incidentally, you can pick one up at the Information Centre. It tells you what you can expect to see, when you can expect to see it, and how likely it is that you’ll find it. Don’t leave home without it.

Shows a Black-necked Stilt standing on a shoreline

Black-necked Stilt

Photo: Black-necked Stilt photographed at Giscombe on April 28, 2014. Yes, those legs really are incredibly long.

Clive Keen


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