PG Naturalists Club News, Events and Notes, 25 June 2014


Major Additional Funding for the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Project

REAPS and PGNC have received a $13,300 grant from TD Friends of the Environment to develop a trail on the north side of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland east of Queensway Street. The trail will be built to the same standard as the walking trails in Cottonwood Island Park, and will link to Fort George Park via a ramp. Read the full media release.

The club has also received a $1,500 award from the City of Prince George’s MyPG Social Development Fund, which will be put towards signage. See

Funding is now in place for all elements of phase 1 of the project — the section between Queensway and the Fraser — with the exception of an observation tower. Fundraising for this will continue.

Forthcoming Event

Arizona Presentation

An evening event on Arizona for Naturalists is currently being planned, and two speakers are lined up. If you have photographs and naturalist stories of Arizona/New Mexico you’d like to share, to add to this event, let us know.

Recent Club Events

1. WetlandKeepers Course, June 20 – 22

Shows attendees around a table listening to a lecture


17 Club members (or soon-to-be Club members) attended this engaging weekend course, and learned a great deal about fens, marshes, bogs, and swamps (including the fact that they’re not the same). Trips to a fen at Eskers, and to the bulrush areas of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland gave participants some valuable hands-on experience. The degree of enthusiasm of presenters and participants bodes very well for the future of the local wetlands.

2. Open Planning Meeting, June 18

Thanks to the 14 members and one member-to-be that turned out for this. Lots of good information came out of this meeting to inspire the Executive: details will be given in future Notes and Events.

3. Hudson’s Bay Wetland Information Night, May 29

Twenty Club members met at Exploration Place on the evening of May 29 to review the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Work Plan for 2014. The group walked the proposed universal access trail around the Channel between the Fraser River and Queensway Street. Members provided excellent suggestions for refinements to the proposed trail and observation features. McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. is now proceeding with the legal survey for the trail as well as chasing down all the required permissions. The 2014 Work Plan is made possible thanks to grants from BC Naturalists Foundation, TransCanada, Pacific Salmon Foundation, TD Friends of the Environment, and the City of Prince George. A big thank you to all who came out to this important event!

4. Hudson’s Bay Wetland Cleanup, April 27

Shows volunteers emptying a wheel barrow into a dumpster

April Cleanup

From the Better Late Than Never Department: 24 adults and three youth turned out on April 27 to help clean up around the Wetland. The Club occupied Hudson’s Bay Slough Park for the day with a tent canopy, cleanup supplies, and coffee and doughnuts for volunteers. Sara Sparks coordinated the event. Allan Carson provided the loan of a large folding table. Dora and Heather brought wheelbarrows that turned out to be invaluable for hauling large objects to the dumpster. Special thanks go to Birthe Miller of David Douglas Botanical Garden Society who kindly entrusted us with the loan of her tent canopy. There seemed to be less garbage than last year. Despite that, the dumpster filled up nicely by early afternoon.


1. BC Nature Survey

BC Nature, our parent organization, is working on a five-year plan and is seeking members’ views. This gives an important opportunity for Club members to influence the organization’s strategy and services. Let them know your views by completing this survey.

2. Books & Company Photographic Exhibition

Club member Li Wan currently has an exhibition of photographs on the second floor — Art Space — of Books & Company. The exhibition includes dozens of scenery and wildlife photos from the Arctic and Atlantic regions, and runs until the end of June.

3. White Sturgeon Conservation Centre Opens

The grand opening of the Nechako White Sturgeon Conservation Centre, located at 3030 Burrard Avenue, Vanderhoof, took place on June 17. If you’d like to follow the ongoing work to repopulate this critically endangered species — Cory Williamson gave us a fine talk on it a while back – keep your eye on the Nechako White Sturgeon Recovery Initiative website.

Clive Keen


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