PG Naturalists Club Events & Notes, 12 July 2014

Club Events

Livingston Springs plants

Spruceland shopping centre sign on top with save on foods sign on bottom

Meeting Place

Sunday July 20 at 9 a.m.; Sandra Hepburn will lead a field trip to view plants at Livingston Springs. Meet at 9 a.m. under the big sign at Spruceland. Bring a lunch and bug dope.



Beekeeping Demos

7:00 pm, Wednesday,  July 30 and Thursday August 7; If you’d like to know more about bees or beekeeping, head along on one of these club evenings, hosted by Executive member Alice Lee. For safety and equipment reasons, each evening event is limited to six guests, so please pre-register if you plan on attending, by contacting Alice at She’ll give details on where to meet.



Shows the group of people that attended the wetlandkeepers course


This and another sixty photos of the course, taken by the organizers and participant Joanne Francis,  can be seen on Flickr.

And yes, we did look like a bunch of kids having fun.

Information on Wetlandkeepers

Trip and Event Facilitators Needed

If you can facilitate any of the following day trips, please get in touch by return email or by talking to any members of the Club Executive – these are now listed on the club website at .

  1. Salmon spawning trip
  2. Geology field trips
  3. Building bird, bat, and mason bee houses
  4. Fossil hunting trip
  5. Edible plants and fungi  & eco-friendly foraging
  6. Visiting ecological reserves

Signing Trip Waivers

We know it’s a pain to sign waivers, and we wish it wasn’t necessary, but it’s a condition of our insurance, and a necessary protection for club officers and trip leaders. Signing a waiver for each trip is thus a condition of participating in any field trip.

Clive Keen


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