PG Naturalists Club Events and notes, 28 July 2014

Upcoming Club Events

There are four club events in the next  few weeks:

  1. Beekeeping Demos, 7:00 pm, Wednesday, July 30 and Thursday August 7

If you’d like to know more about bees or beekeeping, head along on one of these club evenings, hosted by Executive member Alice Lee. For safety and equipment reasons, each evening event is limited to six guests, so please pre-register if you plan on attending, by contacting Alice at  She’ll give details on where to meet.

  1. Visit to Shelley Lagoons, 9:00 am, Sunday, 3 August

The shorebirds are coming through now in good numbers. Yesterday, among 42 species of bird spotted, there were 20 Long-billed Dowitchers, and 16 Wilson’s Snipe. To get a full list, take a look at, type in Prince George, move to the lagoons east of town, and click on the bird symbol.

To find the lagoons, drive east of town on highway 16 for about seven kilometres past Mr G, turning left on Shelley Road. (You’ll see a sign to the Links of Maggie May.) About two kilometres along Shelley Road you’ll see a dirt road to the left. Take that road, and drive past the transfer station to the end of the road – it’s just a couple of hundred metres. Make sure you don’t block the gate.

Shows a bird with long legs walking among reeds in mud.


Visits normally take a couple of hours, so a lunch is not necessary, but binoculars and a field guide will be very useful. For those with a sensitive nose, note that sometimes the septic lagoons can be less than fragrant, though at present they are OK. Sorry, no dogs. The birds are very easily disturbed, and it’s important to move quietly and slowly. Here is a Sora that was spotted this week in the lagoons.

  1.  Weed Pull at Carrie Jane Park, Saturday August 16, 9 a.m. to 12 noon

Wanted! At least ten adults to participate in a Naturalists Club weed-pull at Carrie Jane Park. We’re aiming to control invasive plant species at the canal flowing from Carrie Jane Park to the Hudson’s Bay Wetland. The weed-pull includes an orientation about invasive weeds. Weed-pulling will alternate with snacks and breaks. The Northwest Invasive Plant Council will provide the snacks. They’ll also provide a $250 honorarium to the Club for a successful morning of pulling weeds. This event will be of interest to gardeners as well as naturalists – it’s sometimes a shock to find that a beloved garden plant is invasive in this region. Please email the Club at if you can help out or would like more information.

  1. The Naturalist in Arizona, 7:00 pm, Thursday, August 21, The Exploration Place

Arizona is a quite extraordinary place for naturalists. Photographic presentations from Mike Nash, Barry Booth and Clive Keen will show just how extraordinary it is.

Club Trip Reports

  1. Mount Robson Bird Blitz, June 6-8, 2014

In spite of the road washout making travel complicated, 105 species were recorded for the two day blitz. Noteworthy sightings included Rock Wren and Mountain Bluebird. Thanks to the participants and especially Nancy Krueger who did all the compiling and maintains her perfect record of attendance.

  1. Livingston Springs Plant Walk, Sunday July 20

Seven Club members enjoyed a trip to Livingston Springs on July 20 to observe plants and other natural features. Sunshine and cool temperatures made our walk a pleasure. We created a plant list that includes several orchid species. The list will be posted on the Club blog as soon as it’s complete. A highlight of the walk was the intriguing saprophyte, pinedrops, with its thick reddish brown, sticky-hairy stalk and nodding flowers. It looked like a transplanted alien. At the Springs a large flock of cedar waxwings worked their way back and forth over the mossy logs and islands of yellow monkey flower on the water. We observed a juvenile eagle on a nest, supervised by an adult in a nearby tree. A wren made it clear we should get on our way. Overall it was a lovely day, moving at botanist speed (very slowly!). Many thanks to Sandra Hepburn for leading the way.


  1. Mugaha Marsh Bird Banding

The banding station started its work again on July 19, and banded 100 birds on the very first day, and 491 birds from 35 spewcies in the period 19-25 July. Chris Sukha and Kathryn Hoo are the banders this year, with UNBC students Chantelle Reed and Courtney Berdan providing assistance. A club trip is likely in September.

  1. Hawk Owls breeding in the area
    Pete Zwiers reports seeing a family of four Northern Hawk Owl chicks in the region of the Grizzly Den cabin. The adults were not seen, presumably out getting supper for the chicks somewhere.
  1. Exhibition Booth Volunteers Needed

The Northwest Invasive Plant Council (NWIPC) will be attending the BCNE from August 7th-10th at Exhibition Park and would welcome any volunteer help from the Naturalists Club at the NWIPC booth. All volunteers receive free admission into the BCNE on the day that they volunteer and get a free “Got Weeds?” t-shirt. If interested, Email Lindi at or call 250-564-4115 ext. 256.

Clive Keen for The Prince George Naturalists Club


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