PG Naturalists Club Events & Notes August 15th, 2014

Club Events

1. Weed Pull at Carrie Jane Gray Park, Saturday August 16, 9 AM to noon
Come join Club members in a weed-pull at Carrie Jane Gray Park. Help us to control invasive plant species at the canal flowing into the Hudson’s Bay Wetland. Weed pulling will alternate with breaks and snacks provided by the Northwest Invasive Plant Council. Participants are advised to wear good shoes (no sandals), long pants and long shirts. Gloves are provided. We’ll meet at the parking lot behind the ball diamonds. Please email if you can help out or would like more information.

2. Presentation: The Naturalist in Arizona, 7:00 pm, Thursday, August 21, The Exploration Place
Arizona is a quite extraordinary place for naturalists.  Photographic presentations from Mike Nash, Barry Booth and Clive Keen will show just how extraordinary it is.

Club Trip Report

A Not Very Scientific Report on the Naturalists’ Trip to the Shelley Lagoons, August 3, 2014
Submitted by Dora Hunter

Shows a young Goshawk in flight


Once again the Shelley lagoons did not disappoint with all participants, birders and generalists, enjoying an interesting outing under Clive Keen’s leadership. For this birder, it was a day that provided opportunities for unhurried views of field marks and comparisons of a number of species: the white eye-ring of the Solitary Sandpiper, the dark mask of the Red-necked Phalarope, the Semipalmated Plover versus the Killdeer, the flat-winged profile of the immature Bald Eagle letting us know it wasn’t a Turkey Vulture. Real treats were the Wilson’s Snipe returning our enthusiastic viewing with a baleful stare from its hideout in the cattails, and the Northern Waterthrush working the willows for breakfast. All this was in a mix of Barn and Rough-winged swallows in the sky; Lesser Yellowlegs, Least Sandpipers and Dowitchers, probing the flats; Common Mergansers, Mallards, Shoveller and Ruddy Ducks, Coots and mama Ring-necked with her teen-aged brood cruising the lagoons; flitting Song, Savannah, Lincoln and Chipping Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers; the brilliant flash of a Yellow Warbler; the lazy, late-season song of a Common Yellowthroat; and the Canada Geese, with the young now looking like adults, wheeling about practising touch-and-goes. For the generalist there was the chocolate-brown Snowshoe hare posing mid-lane, the sweet scent of the Canada thistle masking the lagoons odorous assault and, sadly, the run-over corpse of a large garter snake and her brood. Thank you, Clive, for a delightful morning on which no participant left The Lagoons without benefiting from your expertise and patient tutelage.

Photo: This young Goshawk flew over the heads of three club members at the lagoons a few days after the above trip.


Perseid Meteor Shower
Wednesday night (13 August) was the final night of this year’s Perseid meteor shower. In the absence of clear skies, there’s some very fine shots on the web – just ask Mr Google.

Bird Banding Updates
Between July 19 and August 7, 1347 birds, of 44 species, were banded at Mugaha Marsh near Mackenzie. The banding station in the Okanagan, at Vaseux Lake, bands many fewer birds, but today (13 August) came up with something completely unexpected: an adult male Yellow Warbler that had been banded there as 2 year old in 2006. At 10 years and 2 months old, this is one of the oldest Yellow Warblers ever recorded.

David Suzuki coming to Town
An Evening With David Suzuki is scheduled for 1 November, 7 pm, Vanier Hall. For information, go to .

PO Box 1092, Prince George, BC V2L 4V2


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