Hudson’s Bay Wetland project: fundraising continues in 2015

In 2015 the Prince George Naturalists Club continues to submit grant applications for work on the Hudson’s Bay Wetland project.

Grant applications to date:

  • $2,500 toward the cost of building an observation deck on the north side of the channel east of Queensway.
  • $5,000 towards an accessible ramp to link Fort George Park with the new trail and observation deck to be built this summer on the north side of the channel east of Queensway.
  • $1,500 to carry out rehabilitation and restoration on both sides of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland channel that flows between Queensway and the Fraser River. Now that we have new observation decks and upgraded trails in place or planned for this summer, we’re able to take people safely down to the area to pull invasive plants and replant sloping banks and other sensitive areas with native plants.
  • $2,000 to install interpretive and directional signs on the north side of the lake west of Queensway and hold outreach events with residents of the VLA neighbourhood and other interested groups.
  • $15,000 to carry out improvements on the north side of the shallow lake west of Queensway. We require surveys, permits and engineered designs for an upgraded trail, a short boardwalk leading to an observation deck, and a ramp to provide universal access to the trail from Queensway Street. These improvements will provide safe public access to the north side of the lake as well as connecting with the VLA neighbourhood and the popular Heritage trail to the west of the Wetland. The improvements will also allow volunteers from the Naturalists Club and other organizations such as the Prince George VLA Enhancement Association to work safely on future rehabilitation and restoration initiatives to make the Hudson’s Bay Slough a valued urban wetland.

Special thanks to the organizations currently funding the Hudson’s Bay Wetland project including BC Nature/ Foundation of BC Naturalists, Pacific Salmon Foundation, TransCanada, TD Friends of the Environment and the City of Prince George. Many others are contributing time and resources including Caledonia Ramblers, REAPS and The Exploration Place.


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