PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, March 5, 2015

Club Events
1. Club Annual General Meeting, and Presentation on Wetlands, Thursday March 19, 7:00 pm, The Exploration Place
  • 6:45:  Membership signup (for new members and those not yet renewed)
  • 7:00:  Annual General Meeting
  • 7:30:  Presentation by Gina Layte Liston, Associate Director, Public Works, City of Prince George: The Value of Urban Wetlands

2. Visit to the Vanderhoof Sturgeon Conservation Centre, Sunday, March 22
Please let us know by return email if you’d like to take part in this visit to the Sturgeon Conservation Centre. Details are still being worked on, and we need to get an idea of numbers, and whether a side-trip to spot migratory birdlife would be of interest to participants. If interested in this field trip, please email us at
3. Travelling World Community Film Festival
The club is sponsoring two films:

  • All the Time in the World, 7:00 pm, Friday March 27, Two Rivers Gallery
  • DamNation, 8:35 pm, Saturday March 28, St Michael’s Hall, 1505 Fifth Avenue

Club News

1. New Grant for the Wetland Project!
The BC Naturalists’ Foundation and BC Nature, which kick-started the fundraising drive in 2013 with a $2,000 grant, have again awarded the Club $2,000 for further work on the project. 
2. BC Nature 2016 Fall General Meeting
BC Nature have accepted the Club’s offer to host their Fall General Meeting in September 2016.  We can expect to be visited by up to 200 naturalists in eighteen months time.

3. Club Signs
Three signs for the wetland have been created and will be mounted near the new observation deck at the wetland in the next week or so. Drop by the deck regularly to see what they look like!
4. Club Presentation to City Council
The Club will be giving a presentation to City Council, to give an update on the Hudson’s Bay Project, on  May 25. 
1. Natural Resource Watchdog for BC?
For those that like the idea of having an independent watchdog overseeing forestry and possibly other resource practices in BC, consider spending a few minutes with this survey:

2. Great Backyard Birdcount
Some preliminary statistics from the GBBC of Feb 13-16

  • BC: 2,005 checklists were submitted, and 197 species counted
  • Canada: 10,491 checklists, 241 species counted
  • World: 143,600 checkists, counting 5049 species

3. Yet More on Owls
Emily Braam has reported seeing five Great Gray Owls in Prince George – just one is exceptional. And 
Dawn McNamara has drawn our attention to this marvellous two-minute clip:


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