PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 5 April 2015

Club Events

1. Long-billed Curlew Watching – coming at short notice
Any day now we could be getting the annual influx of amorous Curlews, but we can’t know in advance when the best sightings will be, so watch this space.  A trip is likely to be organized with only a day or two notice. The same will be true, in a few weeks time, for a visit to a snake hibernaculum.
2. Presentation  – Exploring the Universe – Thursday, April 16, 7:00 pm, The Exploration Place
Keith Egger will give a talk entitled Adventures in Astrophotography: Exploring the universe from my backyard.  Keith Egger is Professor, Ecosystem Science and Management Program, at UNBC. His daytime occupations concern molecular ecology, but at night, as we’ll see, his interests turn to the heavens. Before Keith’s talk there’ll be a brief report by Ian Curtis, a UNBC fourth-year student, on long-term data from the Club’s Mount Robson Bird Blitz.
3. Wetland Area Clean-up, Sunday, 26 April, 10:00 am start, Hudson Bay Slough Park
As part of the City’s annual spring clean-up, the Club will be tackling the area around the wetland. Last year, with plenty of volunteers, we were finished by 1:00 pm. Meet at the small park off Queensway across from Regents Crescent. We recommend that you park on Regents Crescent or on the east side of Queensway as parking is very limited at the park site. People coming by 10:00 am are likely to find coffee and donuts.
4.  Club Show and Tell, Thursday, May 21, 7:00 pm, The Exploration Place
This will be partly a report on progress on the Hudson’s Bay Wetland project, but it will also include a show-and-tell by members, similar to the highly successfully gadgets night held a year or two ago. If you’ve interesting images from your trail cam, or some footage of wildlife, some particularly fine or weird photographs, or anything else of the kind interesting to naturalists, be prepared to come along and share. More details later.


1. Up Your Watershed, 23 April, 7:00 pm, Vanier Hall, and Recycling Round-up, London Drugs parking, 25 April, 10:00 – 3:00

The Wilds – Holly Arntsen and Kevin Wright – with children from local schools, are performing at Vanier as part of a celebration of salmon, habitat restoration and recycling. The Wilds are great supporters of the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Project, and we’ll have a table both at that event and (if we get volunteers to staff it) at the Recycling Round-up. If you have old tyres or old electronics, bring them to that Round-up.

2. Trumpeter Swans

Cathy Antoniazzi counted 1371 Trumpeter Swans during the Club’s visit to Vanderhoof on March 22, following the very interesting and well-attended visit to the Sturgeon Conservation Centre. One of Jeff Dyck’s terrific shots (attached) showed that there were Tundra Swans mixed with the Trumpeters. (Look for the yellow mark in front of the eye). Mike Nash put up a short youtube feature on the swans at .

3. Northern Caribou

The reduction of wolf numbers to help preserve declining caribou is controversial; much less controversial is moving caribou cows to a maternal pen with shepherds on-site, to reduce mortality. This is now taking place near Mackenzie in the Klinse-Za maternal pen.

4. Sightings!

Shows a American Martin between two garbage cans looking at the camera

American Martin

Members have been reporting a number of interesting sightings of late, including multiple sightings of Lynx. One of the most entertaining threads we’ve had on our ncenbird listserv concerned identification of scat appearing in the Club Secretary’s woodshed. The debate concluded when Bob Steventon positioned a trail cam, and found the intruder – an American Marten.

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