PG Naturalists Club: Interpretive Sign Program

We need your ideas for signs!

The PG Naturalists Club is partnering with the City to create 30 signs, and four information kiosks, along the 30-kilometre walking route shown in the attached map. The signs will cover all things natural  (flora, fauna, geology etc) – which is why the Club is involved – but will also cover points of Prince George history.

Each sign will ideally tell a story relevant to the particular point on the trail.

The plan is to have all the signs up and ready by the middle of the summer, so we need to move fast on this. The first stage is to gather ideas – please fire in as many as you can by return email.  You’re encouraged to walk the trail for inspiration.  Ideas can be honed in the second stage.

Jack Bowling, Carolyn McGhee, Clive Keen and Doug Wilson (Club representatives on the City project)

Naturalist club map Small


One response to “PG Naturalists Club: Interpretive Sign Program

  1. Penni Adams

    I would like to see some signs/information that identify ecosystems; especially the riparian interface ecosystems.

    Penni Adams

    NWIPC Program Manager