PG Naturalists Club Events and News, 6 October 2015

Club  Events

1. Team Presentation on the Galapagos Islands, Thursday, October 15, 7:00 pm, The Exploration Place
Nineteen Prince Georgians visited the magic islands in August, and a team of them will share their experiences of this paradise for naturalists. Below: one of the many weird denizens of Galapagos seen during the visit: a marine iguana.  

 Marine-Ig copy

2. Presentation on Wildlife Photography, Thursday, November 19, 7:00 pm, The Exploration Place
At the Club’s Show and Tell on May 21, Jeff Dyck gave a tantalizing view of the equipment he uses for wildlife photography. He will  return to give a full presentation on wildlife photography, which promises to be richly illustrated.

Club News

1. Major Wetland funding received from Fortis BC
Fortis BC is to provide $15,000 towards the cost of an observational overlook on the Heritage Trail, on the south side of the lake west of Queensway. Councillor Jillian Merrick nominated the Club for the grant, which was announced at the UBCM convention in Vancouver.
The overlook will be the fourth observation feature being added around the wetland. The first two were decks on the south and north sides of the channel, east of Queensway. The third feature, now pending construction, is a heightened deck on the north side of the lake, offering, like the Fortis BC overlook, a view of the entire lake. Just two major features now remain to be financed: a ramp allowing universal access to the channel loop, and a footbridge and boardwalk between the south and north sides of the lake, which will complete the 2.4 kilometre interpretive circuit. Habitat restoration and enhancement will be ongoing, but the Fortis BC grant gives a reasonable expectation that the substantive project will be complete in 2017.

2. BC Nature Request
Our parent organization has asked us to forward their request to help in the fight against the Gateway project. This can be found at:

3. Saving Rosebud Mountain
The big fir seen during the Club’s visit to Rosebud Mountain is now on the big tree registry and is the biggest recorded Interior Douglas Fir in the Prince George area. A revised video by James Steidle on Rosebud is now available at


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