PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes

Club News

No. 1 Outside Wetland Project Activity Wraps for 2015

A media release summarizing the project to date is attached. Behind-the scenes activities will of course continue, with on-the-ground work starting again in the spring.

No. 2 Naturalists Club Facebook Discussion Group
A new discussion group for naturalists is now available on Facebook. Just look for Prince George Naturalists Club Discussion. Everyone with an interest in nature is invited to join this group to ask questions and post information.

Club Notes

  1. Passing of Iris Peters

The Celebration of Life for Iris Peters was held at the Hart Crown Banquet Hall on October 9. Iris was past President of the Prince George Naturalists Club, and hosted the Practice Christmas Bird Count and June Barbeque for years. Sandra Hepburn spoke at the celebration on behalf of the Club.

  1. Prince George Naturalists Club blog:

Blog readers who have signed up for an email subscription sometimes express concern that they don’t receive an important notice until a week after the notice is posted on the blog. The problem is easily fixed. Email subscribers can sign in to their WordPress account, go to Profile, then Notifications, and change the Subscription Delivery setting from Weekly delivery to either Daily or Instant delivery. 

3. Bear Watch!
Bears are hyperphagic (ravenously hungry) at this time of year, so make sure you don’t have anything edible tempting them to be where they shouldn’t. The guy below was tempted one night by bird feeders, which are much better kept indoors now, at least at night.




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