PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 14 July 2016

Club Events
The Wednesday Walkers:  New Regular Club Event
This is a new series, with the aim of taking slow walks to observe natural history, both floral and faunal.  There will not be a “trip leader” as the intention is to share curiosity and knowledge: natural history books, binoculars and cameras are very welcome. With the exception of guide dogs, we will leave our dogs at home, and we’ll respect the setting by following the old rule “leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, and kill nothing but time.”
The trips will be on the morning of the second and fourth Wednesday of the month from April to November and the second Wednesdays of December to March. Walks will finish at around noon. Each time, meet under the Spruceland sign for car pooling and the usual waiver-signing, in time for a prompt 9:30 AM departure. Gas contribution for local trips: $3. Dress for the weather and bugs, and bring a drink and small snack.
The first walks are:
     • Wednesday 27 July: McMillan Park – the dark side
• Wednesday 10 August: Ferguson Lake
Later trips will be decided by participants in discussion with the co-ordinator, Dora Hunter.
Club Notes
1. VLA Family Barbeque, Saturday, July 16 at Milburn Park, 12 noon – 2:30 pm
The Club will be staffing a stand at the barbecue as part of the process of promoting and explaining the Hudson Bay Wetland project. It would be good to see PGNC members there.
2. BC Nature Fall General Meeting, September 22-25
Registration for the Fall General Meeting, which we are hosting, is now open and currently underway. Check out the website below for details and spread the word.
3. Membership Numbers
The Club now has 89 paid-up memberships – getting close to the target of 100 by 2017. If you’ve forgotten to renew, don’t forget that you can do it easily by Paypal at

4. Evening Presentation Series
The Executive is working on the schedule for 2016-17. If you have any suggestions for presenters, please let us know at

5.  Mount Robson Bird Blitz, 3-5 June
The results of the blitz, at which 82 species were spotted, are attached. Tennessee warblers are obviously very much at home in Robson – 96 were seen. Robson Weekend Tally updated2016
6. Stargazing Note from RASC Prince George
Today until Saturday you can watch Venus and Mercury get close together just after sunset. At 9:00pm Venus is bright and low over the northwest horizon, and today Mercury is the next brightest object the left. On Saturday Mercury will be just above Venus.

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