PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, August 1, 2016

Club Events
1. Shorebirding, 9:00 – 11:00 am, Sunday, August 7
Shorebirds are now coming through in some numbers on their migration back south, and depending on the weather, a good assortment can spend a few days locally at the Shelley sewage lagoons. Thirteen species were spotted there over the long weekend, including a dozen of the showy Long-billed Dowitchers. Bring binoculars and a willingness to put up with what sometimes can be a very strong aroma not reminiscent in the least of roses. Meet for car pooling and waiver signing at the seven-eleven (Mr G’s as was) on Highway 16 east of the Yellowhead bridge for a 9:00 departure.
2. The Wednesday Walkers:  10 August – Ferguson Lake
This is the second of the new slow-walk series (note corrected date). Natural history guide books, binoculars and cameras are very welcome, but with the exception of guide dogs, we leave our dogs at home. Meet under the Spruceland sign for car pooling and the usual waiver-signing, in time for a prompt 9:30 a.m. departure. Gas contribution for local trips: $3. Dress for the weather and bugs, and bring a drink and small snack. Walks finish at around noon.
Club Notes
1. Tansy Control at Hudson’s Bay Wetland
Early in July a six-man crew from Groundwork PG spent a day digging out invasive common tansy. The crew worked primarily along the bank on the north side of the Channel using shovels, a pick-axe and a lot of physical strength. The crew filled 28 contractor bags until work had to stop at 4 p.m. when a thunderstorm rolled in. The Club is very grateful for the help provided by Groundwork PG as the tansy in this area is too entrenched for volunteers to tackle.
Work was carried out as part of a joint effort between PGNC, the City of Prince George and community groups to control the spread of tansy on the north side of the Channel from the Fraser River to Queensway. The intent is to prevent the tansy from spreading into the riparian area below the bank where it becomes very difficult to remove. The Channel is an important refuge for young salmon during the Fraser River spring freshet. Tansy control efforts are supported by a grant from TD Friends of the Environment and the invaluable assistance of the Northwest Invasive Plant Council and REAPS.
 Groundwork PG at Hudsons Bay Wetland
2. New Platforms for the HB Wetland
Now that bird-nesting season is coming to an end, ground work should soon begin on the next phase of enhancement to the Hudson’s Bay Wetland. First should be an elevated platform on the north side of the large pond west of Queensway. If design and the various permissions can be completed in time, this will be followed by a new overlook at a high point on the Heritage Trail.
3. $1,000,000 for Ancient Forest Access
More congratulations to the Caledonia Ramblers and partners, following the announcement that the provincial government will contribute a million dollars for improvements to the intersection and parking facilities. The project has indeed been a spectacular success.
4. BC Nature Fall General Meeting, September 22-25
Early-bird registration for the Fall General Meeting, which we are hosting, is now open until August 19 – don’t delay, as registration will cost more. Check out the website for details — — and spread the word.
5. Mugaha Marsh Banding Station 
The station has been up and running since July 19, with Chris Sukha and James Bradley as banders, Sarah Chalmers as Assistant Bander, and David Powe as the summer student. For those interested in the species banded, reports are circulated on our listserv: you can subscribe by heading to . If enough interest is shown – please indicate by return email – a club trip might be arranged. Note before signing up that a very early departure from Prince George is required.
6. Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC Campaign
The Federation is asking anyone accessing provincial parks to be on the lookout for signs of neglect. See
7. Perseid Shower, August 11-12
This year’s Perseid Shower is expected to yield twice as many meteors as usual. The best viewing will be between midnight and dawn on August 12.

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