PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 26 October 2016

Club Notes
Hudson’s B
ay Wetland Project: Decks 3 and 4 Complete
Two new decks, each allowing an overview of the ponded area west of Queensway Street, are now complete.

The first is located at a high point of The Heritage Trail, some 70 metres along the trail from the Hudson’s Bay Wetland Nature Park on Queensway Street. This Saturday, October 29, will see a celebration of its opening by the main sponsor, Fortis BC, which contributed $15,000 towards the project. Fortis BC will be holding a Community Giving Day, starting at 1:00 pm, which will see teams of Fortis employees combing the wetland area to conduct an extensive clean-up. A media release announcing this is attached.


The second deck, which is elevated to give clear views of the whole ponded area, is on the north side of the water along an informal trail. In November an event will be held for Naturalists Club members to mark its inauguration and to recognize the funders.

Engineered designs for both decks were by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd, the helical pile foundations were installed by Techno Metal Post BC, and construction was carried out by a volunteer team led by George Roberts and Nowell Senior of the Caledonia Ramblers.

With completion of the two new decks, just two new features are required to put in place the bones of the overall project. An earthen ramp is needed to finish the universal-access section around the wetland channel, and a footbridge with boardwalks at the west end of the ponded area is needed to complete the circular loop. This is the most ambitious part of the project, opening the circular walk for the first time, and will require additional funding.



2 responses to “PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 26 October 2016

  1. Thanks Guy! A group of us checked out the decks today – awesome! Be sure to bring binoculars so you can enjoy the views of the diving and dabbling ducks.

  2. Excellent work team!!