PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 14 February 2017

Club Events

1. Presentation by Carolyn Ibis, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 16 February, Exploration Place
Carolyn will speak on her solo adventures in Peru and Bolivia through a range of ecosystems including mountains, jungle, salt flats and the Altiplano. Highlights include the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Salar Uyuni, and a bicycle ride down Death Road.
Come on out and renew your membership or join the Naturalists Club. The 2017 membership cards will be available. Meet others, and enjoy coffee or tea courtesy of The Exploration Place.
2. Club AGM and Members Night, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 16 March, Exploration Place
The annual AGM will be followed by a Members’ Night. More details will be provided in the next club email, but meanwhile, if you’ve caught something interesting on your trail cam, or have an unusual photograph or experience, be prepared to share. As always, the most important part of the AGM will be the election of new directors – see the note below.

1. New Club Directors needed
Three directors are stepping down at the AGM this year, and need to be replaced if the Club is to stay healthy. Think about putting your name forward or nominating someone you believe would be suitable. The only requirement of Directors is that they attend a ninety-minute meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at the Spruce City Wildlife Fish Hatchery, 1384 River Road. Some directors also become officers or take on tasks which interest them, but this is entirely optional.

2. Seedy Saturday, 10:00-3:00, February 18, Exploration Place
The Club will have a presence as usual at this weekend’s event.
Shows corn cobs and seeds with date time of Seedy Saturday
3. 20th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count, February 17-20, 2017
You can join 100,000 other naturalists this weekend by counting your yard birds for at least 15 minutes and reporting your sightings online. See for details.
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