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Fish Rescue – August 6th, 2017

The Prince George Naturalists Club will be helping the Department of Fisheries and Oceans with a fish rescue on Tabor Creek on Sunday morning, August 6.

Meet in the parking lot at the Spruceland Shopping Mall at the corner of 5th Avenue and Hwy 97, under the big Save On Foods sign,  at 8:30 a.m., to sign a waiver and arrange car-pooling.

Anyone interested in helping is welcome to come along. Bring water, hat, sunglasses, rubber boots, snack.

There appears to have been a significant amount of young fish stranded in Tabor Creek,  as the water levels have dropped significantly. Species rescued so far are Chinook, Rainbow, Red Side Shiner, Sucker, Northern Pike Minnow, Long Nose Dace, White Fish.

For more information contact Sandra at 250.963.8381 or


PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, 14 February 2017

Club Events

1. Presentation by Carolyn Ibis, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 16 February, Exploration Place
Carolyn will speak on her solo adventures in Peru and Bolivia through a range of ecosystems including mountains, jungle, salt flats and the Altiplano. Highlights include the Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Salar Uyuni, and a bicycle ride down Death Road.
Come on out and renew your membership or join the Naturalists Club. The 2017 membership cards will be available. Meet others, and enjoy coffee or tea courtesy of The Exploration Place.
2. Club AGM and Members Night, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 16 March, Exploration Place
The annual AGM will be followed by a Members’ Night. More details will be provided in the next club email, but meanwhile, if you’ve caught something interesting on your trail cam, or have an unusual photograph or experience, be prepared to share. As always, the most important part of the AGM will be the election of new directors – see the note below.

1. New Club Directors needed
Three directors are stepping down at the AGM this year, and need to be replaced if the Club is to stay healthy. Think about putting your name forward or nominating someone you believe would be suitable. The only requirement of Directors is that they attend a ninety-minute meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at the Spruce City Wildlife Fish Hatchery, 1384 River Road. Some directors also become officers or take on tasks which interest them, but this is entirely optional.

2. Seedy Saturday, 10:00-3:00, February 18, Exploration Place
The Club will have a presence as usual at this weekend’s event.
Shows corn cobs and seeds with date time of Seedy Saturday
3. 20th Annual Great Backyard Bird Count, February 17-20, 2017
You can join 100,000 other naturalists this weekend by counting your yard birds for at least 15 minutes and reporting your sightings online. See for details.
Clive Keen  for

PGNC Events and Notes, sent 17 January 2017

Club Events

1. Presentation by Doug Heard on the Caribou Recovery Program, 7:00 pm, this Thursday, 19 January, The Exploration Place
Doug will be giving an update on this high-profile program, close the heart of many PGNC members. For those also wondering about the moose situation, Doug asks that we wait for a separate, more detailed, club presentation on April 20 by his colleagues Michael Klaczek and Shelley Marshall.
2. Wednesday Walkers. February 8
The group will try again for a winter exploration of Wilson Park. We’ll be hoping for milder winter temperatures for the 8th and fresh snow on the 6th with lots of critter tracks made on the 7th.  As always, meet under the Spruceland sign for car pooling and the usual waiver-signing, in time for a prompt 9:30 a.m. departure. Walks finish at around noon. Natural history guide books, binoculars and cameras will be useful.
Club Notes

1. Swan and Eagle Count Results
Sunday (January 15) was a lovely day for sweagling. At the Crooked River, the group saw thirty Trumpeter Swans, six of which were immature birds. Three otters, numerous Common Goldeneyes, and some American Dippers added to the interest. For anyone wondering where all the Pine Grosbeaks are: they were everywhere on this trip, but in small groups.
This trip is no longer the best for eagle counting, as the Foothills dump now provides the main attraction for the charismatic raptors. Just two adult bald eagles and one immature were seen along the highway and over the river.
2. Speedee Printers Club Display
Be sure to see the Club’s display currently in the window of Speedee Printers in downtown Prince George. The theme is “Through the Naturalist’s Eye.” Many thanks to the dozen club members who provided items for the display, which runs through to the end of the month.
3. Membership 2017 cards
You can pick up your 2017 membership cards at this Thursday’s  meeting – remember that the cards are very useful for such things as 10% discounts on bird seed at Spruce Capital Feeds. You can also renew your membership (or join for the first time) at this event, or through Paypal at Remember that membership ($25 single, $40 family, $15 student) also brings you  membership of BC Nature and receipt of its excellent quarterly magazine.
4. Facebook
If you are now receiving this message on Facebook: you are now one of a rather amazing 345 people doing so.
5. CBC Almanac
The club made its presence felt on CBC’s Almanac last Friday. You can hear the discussion of birds in winter at

PG Naturalists Club Events and Notes, sent 8 January, 2017

Club Events

  1. Wednesday Walkers, 11 January — Cancelled 

It will be minus 25 on Wednesday, so a day indoors seems a better idea than a nature walk.

  1. Annual Swan and Eagle Count, 9:00 – 3:00, Sunday, 15 January
    It will be much warmer next Sunday, but since the count is largely carried out by car, and walks are fairly short, this event always goes ahead whatever the temperature. Meet for a 9:00 am departure under the central green Spruceland Shopping Centre sign for car pooling and waiver signing. Bring lunch and snowshoes, and keep on eye on weather forecasts so you can dress appropriately. For more info, email or phone at 250-963-8381.
  1. Presentation by Doug Heard on the Caribou Recovery Program, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 19 January, The Exploration Place
    Doug will be giving an update. Members that visited Kennedy siding on November 19 will fully appreciate the value of the Caribou Recovery Program.


  1. Christmas Bird Count

PG: A small army headed off from Cathy Antoniazzi’s place on Sunday, December 18, and by day’s end had tallied 10,836 birds in 48 species. There was an all-time high for Bald Eagles — 95, and other raptors included a Northern Goshawk, a Red-tailed Hawk, seven Rough-legged Hawks, and three Merlins. Eurasian Collared-Doves continue to increase in numbers, as do American Goldfinches. It was definitely not a finch year, though: no doubt food is abundant still in the forests. The full report is here.

   Note that next year will be PG’s 50th Christmas Bird count, so something special will be arranged.

Quesnel: PGNC members again took an active part in the Quesnel bird count, at which 47 species were spotted. For the first time, a Spotted Towhee was found at the count, and other highlights included a Golden Eagle, two Northern Pygmy Owls, five Sharp-tailed Grouse, and a Three-toed Woodpecker.

  1. Memberships

The club now has 89 memberships, some of which are family memberships. The executive has had a target of raising memberships to 100, as this would guarantee the long-term health of the club. If you know anyone that should be a member but isn’t, invite them to a meeting, or point them to our website at You can also renew memberships — it’s that time of year — on that website using Paypal.

Clive Keen

PG Naturalists Club Events & Notes, sent 8 October 2016

Club Events

  1. Wednesday Walkers
    1. Wednesday October 12th: We will hike to the larches, a grove found in the hills above the north shore of the Nechako River. If our timing is right, the larches will have donned their golden fall colours, and if the sun graces us with its presence, we’ll have a fine view of the Nechako.
    2. Wednesday October 26th: Anne Allgaier will lead us as we continue our exploration of the relatively flat, wooded trails from the end of Pardon Road on Cranbrook Hill.

These walks are open to members and non-members and are suitable for adults and mature teens. Meet under the large Save-On sign at Spruceland Shopping Centre at 5th Avenue and Central Street, for car pooling and the usual waiver-signing, in time for a prompt 9:30 a.m. departure. Walks finish at around noon. Natural history guide books, binoculars and cameras will be useful. Please leave dogs at home. For more information on the walks, contact Dora Hunter at  250 596-6772.

Save the dates: Walks take place the second and fourth Wednesdays in September, October and November and on the second Wednesday of the month December through March.

  1. Club Presentations Night, 7:00 pm, Thursday, 20 October, Exploration Place
    This will be a mixed bag of updates, presentations, and member feedback, covering the BC Nature Fall General Meeting, the Wetland Project, the City’s Signage program, members’ wishes for future events, and – for a change of pace – a short presentation on birding in Iceland.

Club Notes

  1. Wetland Project – Invasive Species Control
    CKPG recently ran a news item on the project, and it can be still be seen at:
  Invasive Plants Removed From Hudson’s Bay Wetland
The Prince George Naturalists Club has completed its first initiative to remove invasive plants on both sides …
  1. Ncenbird
    If you’ve been trying and failing to send messages to ncenbird, the problem is not with your computer, but at the ISP end.
  2. Utube: hiking and camping in the Canadian Rockies
    Mike Nash has a new uTube slideshow on his recent 12-day trip at
 pic Hiking the Canadian Rockies

12 days hiking and camping in the Canadian Rockies

Other Events

The following events from other groups may be of interest to PGNC members:

  1. 18th Annual Run/Walk, GREENWAY TRAIL, Sunday, October 9, 2016
    The Club is a member of the Greenway Society: to take part in the 18 k run/walk, Register at the Otway Ski Center, between 8:15am  and 930am on the morning of the event. Walkers will carpool from Otway at 8:30, and runners carpool at 9:30. Cost: donation to the Greenway Society. For more Information call Dick Voneugen at 250 962-7672.
  2. Wild Ways: Corridors of Life, 7:00 pm, Tuesday, October 25th, Canfor Theatre, UNBC
    This free movie is organized and hosted by UNBC graduate student Tim Burkhart of the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative. He writes: “Wild Ways demonstrates, through a message of hope, how some of the world’s most beloved species can be preserved by linking the world’s wildlife refuges through safe highway passage and open land.”
  3. Huble Homestead Old Fashioned Thanksgiving, Monday, October 10, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    See for details.

Clive Keen

Club Events

  1. Wednesday Walkers
  • Wednesday, September 14: Anne Allgaier will lead us on some of her favourite trails along the fields and through the woods off Peardon Road on Cranbrook Hill.
  • Wednesday, September 28: We will focus on the top part of the new Hillside Trail, having focused on the bottom section on August 24th. Even though it is located close to the bustle of the city, this trail, with its rich woods flora, makes for a rewarding outing for naturalists.

The walks are open to members and non-members alike. Meet under the large Save-On sign at Spruceland Shopping Centre at 5th Avenue and Central, for car pooling and the usual waiver-signing, in time for a prompt 9:30 a.m. departure. Walks finish at around noon. Natural history guide books, binoculars and cameras will be useful. Please leave dogs at home. For more information on the walks, contact Dora Hunter at

Save the dates: Walks take place the second and fourth Wednesdays in September, October and November and on the second Wednesday of the month December through March.

  1. BC Nature Fall General Meeting, Prince George, September 22-25
    Final arrangements are now being made for this event, hosted by our Club, at which naturalists from around the province will converge on Prince George.  Speakers include Charles Helm, Bruce Harrison, Chris Harris, Dale Seip, Doug Heard, Darwyn Coxson, Jim Pojar, Ken Otter, Mike Nash, Rob Bryce, and Rob Rea. in addition, there will be nine field trips, and two workshops — full details can be found at If you’ve not signed up yet, don’t delay.


Club Notes

  1. Wednesday Walk Report – August 10th at Ferguson Lake
    As slow as we are, the Wednesday Walkers by far outpaced the European Black slug chooglin down the trail at the Ferguson Lake Nature Reserve at a heady 0.025 mph. What a beauty it was with its shiny black foot gleaming in the bright sun. As quick as it was slow were the hundreds of Western toadlets, taking leave of their natal pond; and as white as the slug was black were the curious hedgehog fungi clinging to a log. With the mountain lady slippers of early summer in seed and the asters and goldenrod in bloom, it was hard not to sense the waning of the season. Many thanks to David Greenberg  for photos of the hedgehog fungi and the Satyr comma sunning on the path.  Dora Hunter

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  2. Dragonfly Season
    We’re now well into dragonfly season, and Dave King sends on the following article to help appreciate them more:

Other Events

Dye-making Workshop: Fort St James, Sept 10-11

The Fort St. James Arts Council is hosting a workshop next weekend, starting  with a foraging walk to identify various mushrooms and lichens that can be used to make dye. The walk will begin at 9am Saturday, September 10, meeting at the old Courthouse on Birch Street in Fort St. James. In the afternoon, at 2:30, we will be learning how to dye silk scarves in the shibori technique using mushroom dyes, and on the Sunday, starting at 9am, there will be a five-hour course, learning about dye mushrooms and techniques.  The poster with details is below.dyeing_with_mushrooms

Clive Keen

PGNC Events and Notes, 9 June 2016

Club Events

Field Trip

Wilkins Regional Park, Sunday June 12, 2016, 8:30 a.m. start

Heather Meier will lead a birding/nature walk through Wilkins Regional Park. Located along the Nechako River, the trails are a gentle 3 km loop through a variety of forest habitats. We will look and listen for the large variety of breeding birds, check out the enormous cottonwood trees and other interesting plants and fungi, and stop for anything else of interest. Everyone welcome but no dogs please. The park has pit toilets available at a few locations along the walk. Meet at Spruceland Mall under the usual Spruceland/Save on Foods sign at 8:30 am (you might need to zoom in on the map to see where the sign is.) Carpooling will depart at 8:40 am. Suggested fee for car pooling is $3. Trip will conclude by noon. Please contact Heather at if you have any questions.

Other Events and Notes

The World’s Most Endangered Flyway

From Club member Mike Nash: The BBC World Service Discovery program is doing a series of four half-hour programs throughout the month of June on the world’s most important and critically endangered flyway. The first, starting with Australia, has just been posted, and they can all be accessed online at:

Club Membership

Individuals and families can join the Naturalists Club or renew memberships at Payment is by PayPal or a cheque in the mail.

From Anne Hogan for Clive Keen on behalf of the Prince George Naturalists Club